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More about me...I’ve always had a deep interest in the “whys” behind behaviors. This curiosity was so strong that it led me to a career in psychology more than twenty years ago. Shortly after receiving my M.A. in Clinical Psychology, I was hired as a psychology professor. This was a totally new thing for me; being a teacher had never been on my radar as something I wanted to do when I grew up. But it seemed like a good fit for my life at the time and thought I’d give it a try. Needless to say, I fell in love with teaching, and before I knew it more than a decade had passed! I would have predicted that teaching the same subject for so long would get boring, but I find myself more and more intrigued with the subject of psychology as each year passes and new life experiences come my way. Early on, as a young adult, my interest in psychology was based on my desire to understand the behavior of other people. But somewhere along the way, I discovered what I think is the true gift of psychology and that is to understand myself. I created Rising Up so I can help people to discover the information and tools they need to foster their own self-awareness.

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