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  • What is a mental wellness coach?
    A mental wellness coach is a professional that partners with clients in a thought-provoking and collaborative way to promote personal growth and development. This is accomplished by establishing a client’s individual strengths and authentic goals for their life and then working to achieve the mental wellness that is required to move past the obstacles and challenges that are standing in the way of those goals.
  • How is a coach different than a therapist?
    It is important to understand that coaching is not replacement for therapy. If you are experiencing thoughts, emotions or behaviors that are causing you significant distress and/or impairment, please seek the help of a licensed mental health professional. Generally speaking, the job of a therapist is to help people overcome dysfunction and illness. This is usually based on a sick model, assuming that a person needs to be treated in order to overcome their impairments. Coaching emphasizes wellness and focuses on finding and fostering the strengths of an individual to minimize impairments.
  • Why do you only work with moms?
    I have a strong belief that ALL people are worthy of the support they need to live their best life (this includeds dads and women without children). However, I feel, due to my life experiences, I’m best equipped to work with moms.
  • Can you tell me how to make my kids listen, sleep, eat their vegetables, …..etc?"
    Oh man, I wish I could! In reality, there are not simple answers to these question. I feel that the most important strategy that we can apply to motherhood is showing up as the best version of ourselves as often as we can. Our children largely learn through observing what we do and who we are. So, when we are grounded in self-awareness and work to make our mental wellness a priority, everything else falls into place. I’m here for YOU, mama. And while I might not be able to tell you how to make your kid listen, I can certainly help you to not go crazy when they don’t.
  • I have a question you didn't answer here, what should I do?"
    Send an email to and I'll be happy to answer your question personally!
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