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Managing Modern Motherhood 


"When women support each other, incredible things happen."

Who is this community for?

This community is open to all moms that are in the active phase of parenting. This means that you have a child (of any age) that you are caring for.

What can I expect from this community?

Interactions will occur primarily within a secret Facebook group. (This means that posts can only be seen by members of the group and not the public.)  It is a platform in which you can ask questions or just voice your frustrations and struggles centered around being a woman raising the next generation. There will be opportunities to participate in book  clubs and topic specific challenges  that promote  meaningful self-care, such as meditation and sleep, and face to face meet-ups. You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you'd like.


Does it cost money to join?

Nope. This is a free service.

How is this community different than the many other mom communities online?

This community is different than most other mom communities because not only will you receive support from like-minded moms but you'll also get  help to work through these challenges by learning tools and strategies based on conscious parenting and positive psychology. 


Is this community a good fit for me?

You will likely get the most out of this community if you 1)are open-minded and willing to explore new possibilities 2)believe that your self-understanding is strongly connected to your child's well-being 3)believe in the power of personal growth and development 4)strive to live an authentic and meaningful life.

Join us!

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